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Hello fellow Deviants!
I want to say thank you for all the watches, Llamas, favorites and comments while I have been away from DA. I am sorry that I have been neglectful in getting back on here to properly say thank you.

I have also had to neglect my art and that part of it unfortunately will need to continue for quite some time. I am not even sure at this point that I will have an internet connection at any moment and how long it will be gone or if I can ever get back online again. That is not because I do not enjoy my art it is because of my current living circumstances will not allow me the time, patience, or the privilege of doing art right now. When I get back in control of my life I will begin my creative journey again. This does not mean I am leaving the DA community. It only means I am away by necessity for a while.

I do love all of you and please remember YOU ROCK! :headbang:
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Hi my fellow Deviants!

I hope this finds all of you in good spirits especially considering the two awesome new contests from Warner Bros. via Dark Shadows and Dodge-Chrysler "Inspired by You" for their new Dart and the higher quality of opportunities that such as these bring. This blog is not about big business opportunities, though. It is about a topic dear to my heart and information that came to me though a friend on here :iconsybilthorn:.

The information is about a government sponsored program for disables artists such as myself and many others like me. It is called the Very Special Artists program (VSA) and most states have a chapter. Do an internet search for that and you will find information for your state. It does bring education opportunities, employment, and chances for art sales, shows, and galleries to the disabled artist. It varies by state so check with your local chapters for information. There are several in my immediate vicinity that is accessible to me. It helps artists with limited mobility and travel issues as well by providing local venues for career opportunities. Check them out. The more in these programs the more chance they have of sticking around to help more people that need it.

In light of this very specific issue of the disabled artists my friend above has created a very special group for these artists of which I am now a member. It is a group for showcasing their work and helping them get it out there in an easy to use format. It is very new at the moment. I encourage all disabled artists to join and I also encourage all Deviants and otherwise to check into the works displayed there in the galleries. It is just a baby right now on deviantArt and deserves a chance and attention. I personally am grateful for it.

Check it out by clicking below:


Be safe, happy, and always create!

By the way, YOU ROCK all of you! :headbang:

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Hello my beautiful fellow Deviants!
I want to begin this by saying sincerely that I do not like writing things like this but I really need to let you know this.

We're all struggling artists on some level. I'm trying to raise enough money to buy art supplies so I can paint originals to sell or put in a gallery. I am also trying to support myself through my artwork. So far I have failed to do either. I am also needing points for a premium membership. I'll be honest. I have no money nor any other way to get it besides selling my art. I have not yet sold one single print. I am disabled and cannot gain assistance so I'm trying to help myself here. Times are harder on me than I expected. No home to say yes I have a steady home. I want to provide for myself at least a little. I cannot even afford the least of the premium membership much less provide any need I have in my life here. Those needs have to come first.

I would love to get my art supplies replenished. It has been years since I was able to secure any. I would also love to get a good camera to do professional prints - not looking for the best but it will still cost me over $1,000 to get that going for me - to finish out my gallery of my talent so I can put into full swing my abilities in order to attempt to support myself and make my own way and carry my own weight.

First off I need most those who enjoy my work, please buy my prints! This is need number one and face it, what artist out there wouldn't love to say that their artwork is hanging on someone's wall? I know a lot of artists and I can't think of one who doesn't want to know this or have it happen. That is outside the need for money issue. It is an issue of pride for the artist. It does the heart good and makes us want to keep creating instead of getting discouraged and giving up on our talent. And there is a lot of unnoticed talent out there.

Second a premium membership would help me help you. I went to try to do feature journals showing some of the awesome artists and their works I've seen on here several times. The problem with that is I can't post their work in my journal because it is a premium feature. It would also help me greatly in achieving my goals I said above. I do want to use it to help other artists on here. I know how hard it is, I'm one of you!

Lastly I want to say a heartfelt thank you for your support and kind words to me. You lift up my heart daily. You give me a beautiful world to look at when the one that surrounds me is so dreary sometimes. You inspire me with your words and effort that I see you put forth into your work and interactions here on deviantArt. I appreciate you all so much I cannot find the words to tell you.

We are working hard here. All of us. Simply because we have not been noticed enough for our art to be purchased yet does not mean that we are not working hard here and it does not mean that our art is not "up to par". It is. I guess we just need to keep our artist heads up and don't quit. The world needs art. My world needs YOU.

You keep the sun shining for me. I hope I can do the same for you.

Oh and YOU ROCK! :headbang:
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Hello Fellow Deviants!
Seems it's :heart:s day and I have a mouth full to say about that special(?) part of us. You know the one - your life depends on it. Art and creativity depend on it. If your heart isn't in your art it's just scribble and paint on paper, nothing more than that. Something to fill an empty space with more emptiness. We show our true selves in our art whether we know it or not. Our deepest desires and fears come out in our art even though our own eyes are often blind to it. If an artist is in love, the art will show it. If only one brush stroke it will be the color and vibration of that emotion behind it. Anger looks through hard slashes of pen and brush. Love is the softer touch ups and vivid hues. Brokenness, pain, and suffering often comes out in grays and blacks with not much thought or care. WHO you are will show through like you are living in a glass house.

There is not one artist among us who does not live in a glass house when we decide to pick up our canvases, sketch pads, cameras, or open up our art software on our computers. No matter what art-form what you wish to hide comes out in shadow. Shadow enhances the light in the subject we are working on. It is our heart-form that is the reality of our art-form. Have you noticed that you think of one or only a few particular people, places, or emotions, memories all that are constant in any mood, in any subject you work with? It is the parts of us that we love most that plagues and enhances the brain as we chose to create in that moment. There is a constant, always there with us just as our physical hearts beat. Our heartbeat moves each touch, gives each motion momentum as we go about our work so often not consciously thinking of that constant that is ever present. If you want to truly know yourself and your art, ask yourself what is that constant for you? Is it a person? A memory? Just a "feeling" you can't quite pin down? For me it was a person. Every painting I have done, every blackout poem I have published - even the novels I work on in private that will not be published here - that one single person was always in those thoughts like clockwork they would come out and be right there each time I began to create.

Today is the day of the year when we are sometimes painfully aware of that constant that drives us ever more to create. If you have been blessed with abundance in your life that abundance will only be magnified today as a crucial part of our souls reach out and find that constant in us - that "breath of life" to our heart (he-ART), yes our art. It is no coincidence or mishap the spellings of our written language. If we have suffered loss or mostly pain we will be ever more aware of it today than most other days of the year. What the he(ART) :heart: feels is ultimately what we create. We cannot escape those boundaries. Our life, our death - it is all in our he(ART)s.

Our he(ART)s are our most vulnerable and fragile pieces. It is only natural to feel we must protect them at all costs. Many a good drama and crime novels, movies, stories and such have been and can be written about obsessions with art or a specific piece of art that drove the artist or connoisseur to madness with wanting to touch, hold, to OWN it forever or to never allow other hands or eyes to touch it. Some of the most vicious criminals have been created though this burning desire. A yearning for what that one work brings out in the beholder - an invaluable part of the soul, the he(ART) that can never be replicated even by the same artist, not an exact which is what that soul reaching for what cannot be held yet shown in the art and that is the only thing that will slake the lust of the heart that is seeking.

This brings us right back to that one constant that drives us. Our soul-mate, if you want to call it that. The meaning fits well enough. You don't have to "find" your constant. It is already there awaiting you. Embrace it. Create it over and over and over again. Allow the bliss to lift you to those heights time and time again.

May your constant always be constant.

Happy he(ART)s :heart:s Day!

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When I'm down all I have to do is come here and look at my page and my new friends here, my Deviants! Instantly I am in a better world and it all feels okay again. I just want to say "Thank You" for the warm welcome, comments, :+fav:'ing me, cheering me up when you don't even know I'm down, showing me a world that is beautiful that YOU created here, group invites, group submissions of my work. This list could be endless already and I've not been here all that long. I am amazed at this community :community: and I have to say right now, YOU ROCK! :headbang: ALL of you rock. To me you are the real superstars of this world.

I especially want to point out an excellent group of artists who recently invited me to join. :iconeverybodyawesome: Thank you :iconaerokay:! On that :music: she is the first I want to point out as one of the best artists I've yet to meet. Check out her work. Stunning!

Also amazed by the things these artists have done:


And a lot more that I couldn't possibly name at this time. All of you are wonderful artists and people. I do want to say a huge thank you to :iconkttyprkr: for her comment that told me she really, truly saw my art and saw something inside of me that I don't express through anything but art. She showed me something that I didn't even know myself. I do know the soul of the artist is in the art itself. I didn't realize what she saw in my art, though, about myself. I didn't think it showed but I am deeply moved and honored that it truly does and she pointed that out to me. So, thank you! That doesn't cover it. I didn't realize the "brokenness" was showing through my work. I'm glad it is. Since it was actually seen by someone who has never seen me face to face or spoken to me but only online that lets me close my ears to the negativity and negative reactions to my work and know that I'm doing the most important thing I could do with my art, showing you my true self. Thank you everybody for seeing it. I have a deep gratitude for ALL of you because of that.

You guys have quickly become part of me. :hug: And I am looking very forward to coming online everyday and interacting with you all, your work, and sharing mine. I can't say that about most things in my life but I'm saying it about you all.

Thank you much!

Much Love to my Deviants!

Peace be with you,
~VelvetWaters744 (you can just call me Angie if you want lol)
Hello my fellow Deviants. :) As soon as I heard of the possibility of being given a real canvas to create upon I sat and asked myself, what would be the first thing I would do if I had it that moment and walked into a room with everything I needed to create my best work? My answer shocked me. Slash the canvas! Yes, my emotions and mind were so jumbled that the first thing I wanted to do was slash it! Not with a knife, perhaps, but my vision was slashing it with a brush and paint, taking out all my feelings right there where I could see it. I cringe at the thought of ripping through it with a knife but admire the artists that actually do this. Perhaps my cringe comes from the full expression of how raw and deep my emotions are and a little fear of feeling those fully because what had happened to me at that point of visualization was a cut into my soul itself. If I expressed that kind of feeling everything would be destroyed, so I stepped away from creation even upon a digital format. I did not want to destroy.

I thought about this for a long time. I did not want to destroy but create yet there can be no creation without destruction going hand in hand with it. It then hit me that I had stumbled upon my first steps in creation, to destroy what already is and remake it into something not yet imagined. With these revelations before me I took a new perspective and a new start as the day awakened me and saw infinite possibilities if I only would not stop creating and that, dear Deviants, is the process and idea with which I am coming to you today.

I only have this to say: Do not ever stop creating. No matter how you feel or what the circumstances, don't stop. If you're behind you will catch up. Don't ever stop creating.

We're all artists after all.

Peace be with you,